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How I Can Help You With Anxiety & Stress

I’m a Certified Clinical Counsellor with a Masters Degree from Acadia University and with over 10 years of experience working with people of all ages. Anxiety and Stress are related and are very common in our day and age and I have been able to help everyone who came to see me. The degree of success depends a lot on client’s desire to get better. And if you truly want to reduce anxiety in your life and have the tools to handle stressful situations better, I can confidently say that I can help you.

Anxiety & Stress Counselling

Anxiety & Stress Counselling

Counselling can be an effective, prescription free way of dealing with anxiety. The great thing about anxiety counselling is that at the end of the process you’ll be well equipped to recognize anxiety triggers and will have the tools at your disposal that will help you process stress in a more effective way and reduce anxiety as a result. Counselling can be helpful whether you have an Anxiety Disorder or if you experience anxiety on occasion and simply want to deal with it better.

Do I have an Anxiety Disorder?

Everyone can feel anxious from time to time. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a full-blown anxiety disorder. Consider the following questions:

  • Do you experience excessive anxiety and worry, occurring more days than not for at least 6 months, about a number of events or activities (such as work or school performance)?

  • Do you find it difficult to control the worry?

  • Have you noticed the anxiety and worry are associated with three (or more) of the following six symptoms:​

    • Restlessness, feeling keyed up or on edge

    • Being easily fatigued

    • Difficulty concentrating or mind going blank

    • Irritability

    • Muscle tension

    • Difficulty falling or staying asleep, or restless, unsatisfying sleep?

  • The anxiety, worry, or physical symptoms cause significant distress or impairment in your social or work life, or other important areas in your life?

  • The anxiety or worry is not attributable to the physiological effects of a substance (e.g., a drug of abuse, a medication) or another medical condition (e.g., hyperthyroidism).

If you answered “yes” to at least 3 of the above questions, you may have an Anxiety Disorder. If you only answered “yes” to one or two questions, you probably don’t have an Anxiety Disorder. But in either case, counselling can help you manage your anxiety better.

For a more in-depth look, consider taking the Anxiety Quiz or contact me for a FREE 20-min consultation.

In-Person & Online Counselling Options

I do face-to-face counselling sessions from my Kelowna office.

I also offer online counselling through a video connection for those who live in a community where counselling services are limited or unavailable. Online counselling may also be a good option for you to consider if you prefer to receive counselling from the comfort and privacy of your home.

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