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A little bit about me

Hailing from Nova Scotia, I moved to British Columbia in 2014 on gut instinct.  There's just something about this magical province.  After my Masters, I sold everything but sentimental items and went on the self-titled adventure known as the "Great Canadian Hiking and Eating Tour" while job searching for work in BC along the way.  It was delicious and beautiful to see this country.  As I got close to BC, I had a massive "What did I just do?" moment (after all, no job, no prospects, no finances, no home, no community was a very sobering reality) ... but with the support of friends and family, I moved past my fear to the land where I am now - Kelowna! 

When I'm not in the counselling office, you'll find me taking advantage of all that is the Okanagan - backcountry camping, skiing, hiking, attempting triathlons, yoga, farmer's markets, wineries, and making meals from our local goods.



Areas of Specialty

  • Emotional Eating / Binge Eating Disorder

  • Anxiety & Panic Attacks

  • Phobias

  • Recent Traumatic Events (up to 6 months from date of event)

  • PTSD

  • Chronic Health Conditions & Life Threatening Disease

  • Grief & Loss with a particular interest supporting parents through traumatic births and perinatal death

Expertise & Career

  • Certified Canadian Counsellor

  • Over 10 years working with individuals, groups, and communities to create meaningful change in their lives.

  • I have worked with & at:

    • adults

    • children & youth

    • public education system (P-12)

    • non-profit organizations

    • post-secondary college

  • Former BC / Yukon Director for the Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association

In the Media

  • I have appeared on CBC’s Daybreak South. My segment is from 1:58:38 to 2:05:30.

  • Check out my interview with a Global News segment on Disordered Eating.

  • And I wrote an article for the Network News magazine about mindfulness and our health.


EMDR Training

  • Comprehensive EMDR Basic Training with Sue Genest 2020

  • Monthly EMDR Consultation and Supervision

  • Clinical Structured Interview Intake with Sandra Paulsen 2020

  • Flash Technique with Ricky Greenwald 2020

  • Easy Ego State with Robin Shapiro 2021

  • Attachment-Focused EMDR with Laura Parnell 2021

  • Eating Disorders within the EMDR Approach with Andrew Seubert and Pam Virdi 2021

Other Training


I deeply value personal and professional growth. I lived at the world-renowned Kripalu Centre for Yoga and Health in Massachusetts. I immersed myself in self-inquiry, yoga philosophy, meditation, Ayurveda, self-care practices, and learned from world-class leaders in yoga, meditation, and health and wellness. My experience at Kripalu continues to inform my work with clients.


I believe in practicing what I preach - this means, like you, I sit on the other side of the counselling chair with my own therapist.  I understand on a deeply intimate level that counselling is humbling and tough work ... and that change is possible if we are open to it. 

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